History of the Department of Automation and Computer-Aided Technologies

The early 60's of the twentieth century were marked by the penetration of cybernetic ideas in the industry. Understanding of their prospects led to the creation of the Department of Autimation in 1962 at the initiative of the Vice-Rector of KhADI, A. Kholodov. It was headed by Viktor Lomakin, PhD (Engineering). This man was a model of a teacher and a scientist. He was characterized by high culture, decency and modesty, a sense of honor and dignity, a deep respect for people; in communication he was polite and friendly. At the same time, he was demanding both to himself and to his colleagues, which strengthened his authority. Teachers D. Kaminska, N. Puchkova, L. Symbirska, N. Faustova and others also took part in the creation of the department. The scientific interests of the department were determined by the studying of working modes of career walking excavators and modeling of electromechanical systems of excavator. These works were carried out in close cooperation with the Novo-Kramatorsk machine-building plant.