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Stand for the research of parameters of hydraulic drives



Cooperation with enterprises

Over the past 10 years have been further developed in the study of the dynamics of ZTM and hydraulic drives, improving the design of machines, the organization of their use in road construction. The results of studies of the dynamics and strength of wheeled vehicles are reflected in the joint work of the department and WGC KVSZ (Kremenchuk) to create the first in Ukraine grader DZK-250 weighing 15 tonnes with an engine capacity of 121 kW and front shovel loaders PF-04 carrying capacity of up to 4.5 m for the same capacity power plant. The first of them available commercially. Prototypes of the second pass performance tests conducted technological preparation for its mass production. In its parameters by car to the best analogues of foreign firms. Besides KVSZ department cooperates with other factories near abroad.