Международная деятельность



The main direction of the department of construction and road machinery in the field of international cooperation is integration into the global educational and research space of the European Union. The development of bilateral and multilateral international relations, educational and scientific projects is one of the priority tasks of the department.

In 2015, a bilateral agreement was concluded between the Department of Construction and Road Machines of the Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University and the Department of Construction Machinery of the Lodz Technical University (Poland). According to this agreement, the students of the Department of Construction and Road Machines have the opportunity, after receiving the Bachelor's qualification, to obtain a diploma of a European SAMPLE, studying for a half-year exchange in a Master's program at the University of Lodz.

Thus, our graduate can get two diplomas in one specialty, which will allow him to work abroad in one of the states of the European Union.