Scientific Work

Department operates on a scientific school, organized by AM Kholodov. The main activities of this school are:
- Dynamics of excavation - transport vehicles (supervisor Prof. L. Nazarov)
- Workflow and reliability excavation - transport machinery, accelerated testing (supervisor Prof. VV Nitschke ;)
- The creation of systems of modular machines for construction, utilities (supervisor Prof. I. Kirichenko)

- Dynamics and strength graders (supervisor Associate Professor V. Shevchenko)

In addition, the department began to develop new scientific school to improve the wear resistance of friction building and road machines (supervisor Prof. E. Wenzel.

The purpose of all areas of research - evaluation and efficiency of machines, especially the performance and reliability of their competitiveness, reduction of energy consumption of the machine, the cost of production.
Research relies on the resource base, created the Department of PM, at the site of the mechanical department. Almost all thumbnails scientific faculties are involved in the implementation of Subject. The department has postgraduate and doctoral studies.
Development towards the speaker excavation - transport machinery embodied in the design of motor graders SLC-250, SLC-251, PF-loaders O4 production Kremenchug VAGONMASH concern. The tests truck GVM-1200. In this area is protected by 8 PhD theses, 2 doctor.
In the direction of - business processes and reliable earth moving machines, accelerated testing, created teopii interaction opranov machines working with the soil, the theory of the accelerated tests earth moving machines. A number of structural test stands, test methods, some of which are introduced into production.
Have designed a process of digging rpunta intensifiers and directing it into a working body (scraper, bulldozer blade).
In the direction of protected nine Ph.D. theses, two doctoral. The industry enterprises produced about ten types of machines - bulldozers, scrapers, loaders Plant. Malyshev.
The creation of machines in modular construction - Road Machinery relatively new trend, but here already achieved a lot. Fundamentals of the theory of modular machine design, a number of samples of modular equipment (truck, asphalt spreader or stone materials, roller) are made in metal, tested and operated in the housing and communal services of the city. In a short time defended two candidate, prepared a doctoral dissertation.
Scientists have links with the Department of far and near abroad, especially with foreign educational and research institutions. In foreign countries is the Magdeburg University of Technology, Warsaw and Lodz, Slovenian technical universities. In CIS countries, it is primarily the Russian universities and research institutes, such as the Moscow Civil Engineering (MGUS), Moscow Road University (Madu) NII Stroydormash, TSNDB transport construction, in Belarus - Minsk and Mogilevsky technical universities, "Dormash" and others.
Of the total number of branches formed academic schools with foreign partners. Eg school machine dynamics, where merged schools of A. Kholodov (KHNADU) and DP Volkova (MGUS). Scientists of the two departments share information, conduct scientific conferences.
The scientific and research organizations include Northeast Research Center NAS ILTPE, Institute of machines and systems, the Hapkov, IPMash, NII, the hydraulic Xapkov, DerzhdorNII. Unfortunately, these organizations do not have sufficient funding to work with them on the basis of economic contracts.