Brief history

The Engineering and Computer Graphic's department was founded in 1930, simultaneously with creation of the Kharkov automobile and highway institute, it was named «The department of descriptive geometry and drawing».

With that name the department existed during 70 years.

I.L. Zhemerov was the first head of the department (1930-1934).

Then it was headed by: V.L. Andreev (1934-1938), G.K. Markov (1938-1940), V.D. Dolgov (1940-1941). After Great Patriotic war had been ended and work of institute had been renewed the department continued to head by V.D. Dolgov (1945-1949), and then by V.G. Baranov (1949-1950).

From 1950 to 1969 department was headed by H.K.Nikolaevskii, doctor of technical science, professor.

In the next years the department was headed by A.E. Tokar (1969-1970), P.V. Panov (1970-1977), I.F. Nikitin (1977-1979).

From 1979 to 2004 the department was headed by V.N. Serdiuk (with a little gaps).

Also the head of the department were: M.I. Binkova (1984-1987), A.V. Leusenko (1999-2000), А.F. Kirichenko (2000-2002).

From 2004 and to now the department is headed by A.V. Chernikov.

There are 9 teachers in the department in 2022/23 year.

Updated 31/12/2022

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