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Studying proccess

At the department are taught the following disciplines necessary for all future specialists of engineering and technical profile:

  • descriptive geometry;
  • engineering graphics;
  • computer graphics;
  • computer graphics and computer technology;
  • design fundamentals of building and road  machines (BRM);
  • computer design technologies;
  • modeling of BRM work processes;
  • ergonomics basics.

The department prepares students for participation in national and international olympiads and competitions - the success of students prepared for them can be found in the section «Students Achievements».

Навчально-методична документація

Manual training and methodical instructions

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Timetable of classes

Educational and Methodological Work

  The staff of the Department develops and regularly re-publishes workbooks and textbooks on the disciplines taught to advise students in courses of Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics. The department has published over 500 scientific articles and reports, including academic journals. The teaching staff of the Department takes part in international, national and regional conferences. Over the past 5 years 80 scientific papers have been published. In 1986 the Department developed a course of computer graphics. Now students study one of the most common packages of computer design and simulation - AutoCAD system, and modern powerful CAD/CAE system Autodesk Inventor. The Department develops special programs to find background information in ESKD standards, drawings of standard products and others. All university teaching staff improves their skills in modern engineering design technologies on the basis of the Department.  

Open classes