Іvanov Yevhen Martynovych

Deputy Head of the Department, Candidate of Sciences (Technical),
Associate Professor

Google Academy



Graduated from the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute. V. I. Lenin on a specialty "Dynamics and strength of machines", has the qualification of engineer-mechanic-researcher. Candidate of technical Sciences, defended his thesis "Development of mathematical model and analysis of stress-strain state of a circular involute bevel gears depending on the main geometrical parameters of" specialty 05.02.09. – dynamics and strength of machines.

Associate Professor of engineering and computer graphics. Conducts classes on subjects:

- descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics;

- engineering and computer graphics;

- computer graphics;

- basics of ergonomics and design.

The main focus in teaching is: the image of the graphical models of three-dimensional space on a plane; the solution of metric and positional problems; the construction of images and objects of engineering; computer aided design.

Research interests: dynamics and strength of machines and units; methods of presenting engineering products in the environment of computer-aided design; design of engineering products using the functions of ACS.

Directions of research work:

- creation of methods and technological means of solving problems of dynamic strength and diagnosis of the mechanical state of elements of power units;

- development of systems for vibration testing of parts and assemblies of motor vehicles on the basis of electromagnetic vibration exciter;

- mathematical modeling of the volumetric stress-strain state when contacting bevel gears depending on the main geometrical parameters;

- investigation of dynamic load carrying systems, equipment, utility and road purposes, created on the basis of trucks and industrial wheeled tractors.

The author of over 65 scientific publications and four books.

List of main publications: main publications for the last 5 years can be found in Google Scholar by clicking on the link Google Academy.

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