History of Mechanical Faculty

In 2012, the Mechanical Faculty of the KhNADU turned 60 years old. The faculty was established on the basis of two specialties transferred to KhADI from Kharkov Engineering and Construction Institute in 1947. The first dean of mechanical faculty in 1952 became Andriy Mikhailovich Kholodov - a participant of the Great Patriotic War, later doctor of technical sciences, professor, Honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine. His name today bears the Department of Construction and Road Machines, which he has headed for over 20 years. Later the faculty was headed by Konstantin Abrosimov, one of the designers of the legendary T-34 tank (1955-1964), Sergey Derevyanko (1965-1968), Georgiy Kuznetsov (1965-1981). , 15 years the faculty was headed by Vladimir Petrovich Yemelyanov - Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, whose share was the most difficult years related to the relocation of the landfill, the construction of a new educational building, the transfer of the educational process to new curricula. Since 1996, the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics has been the author of this article, Igor Kirichenko.

The Mechanical Faculty has always been focused on training specialists for the machine building complex and road construction of the USSR and Ukraine. The range of knowledge acquired in the course of study in all specialties of the faculty, a high level of theoretical and practical training allows not only to design and operate road construction equipment, but also to solve any other scientific and technical tasks. The Faculty provides employment opportunities in all spheres of the national economy of Ukraine. Today, graduates of the faculty can be found in senior positions in government bodies, large industrial enterprises and construction organizations in Ukraine, CIS countries, as well as in many countries in Europe, America, Africa.

The Faculty actively cooperates with machine-building enterprises of Ukraine, such as the Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant, the Kryukiv Railway Works, and the Kharkov factories of KhTZ them. Malysheva, Shakhtar Miner, Mashgidrovod, KhZTO, CJSC Manometer, NPP Kobalt and others. The most effective cooperation was between the Faculty of Mechanics and the Miner's Light. As a result of this cooperation, a training and scientific-industrial complex was created. Thanks to the initiative and the attention of Professor Turenko Anatoliy Turenko Rector and the General Director of the Vysotsky Gennady plant, this complex provides not only training of engineering personnel for the plant, but also the fulfillment of research works, upgrading of qualification of both employees of the factory and teachers. the composition of universities.