The Department of Automation and Computer-Aided Technologies teaches a number of disciplines:

ICS Automated Data Banks

Systems Analysis of Complex Control Systems

Algorithmic support of the computer integrated technologies

Problem-oriented Programming

Methods of optimization under uncertainty

Theory of Automatic Control

Microprocessor Technologies and Microprocessor LSI

Flexible Automated Production and Robotic Complexes

Numerical Methods and Computer Simulation

CIM Fundamentals

Simulated Modelling

Design of Electronic Equipment

Modelling and Optimization of Control Systems

Fundamentals of Automation and Robotics

Industrial Control Systems (ICSs)

Fundamentals of Automated Systems Design

Computer Control of Technological Processes

Підготовка та проведення відкритих занять

Осінній семестр 2019/2020 навч. року

№ з/п Дисципліна П.І.Б.викладача курс дата час, ауд.
1 Мікропроцесорна техніка та МП ВIС проф. Гурко О.Г. 4МА 17.09.2019 10:30,ауд. 107м.