Всеукраїнська конференція студентів і молодих вчених на кафедрі БДМ

All-Ukrainian Conference of Students and Young Scientists at the Chair of BDM


According to the plan for conducting international, all-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences and seminars of KhNADU in 2017 (Letter of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine No. 1 / 9-24 of January 23, 2017.) On November 15, 2017, the Department of Construction and Road Machines held the All-Ukrainian Scientific Practical conference of students and young scientists, "Increasing the efficiency of construction, road and hoisting-and-transport machines". Young scientists and students of the Department of Construction and Road Machines spoke at the conference. There were also representatives of Kharkov universities.Main questions of the conference:1. Computer modeling of construction-road and hoisting-and-transport machines (PMM and PTM)2. Investigation of the dynamics of PM and PMM;3. Modern diagnostic technologies for PM and PTM;4. Exploitation of ZTM and PTM;5. Trenchless technologies for laying underground utilities.Also at the conference were discussed the issues of creating hybrid construction and road machines and the development of intelligent systems of supervision.In photo 1 the fifth-year student Efimenko Pavel is speaking. Improving the productivity of trucks by using an intelligent system.


On the second photo, the student's 4-step student Lyubimov Yuriy presented a report on the stand for the viprobuvan of the tower crane.


On the 3rd and 4th photos the students of the 6th year act Demyanik Dmitry and Bukhantsov Anna


Picture 5 depicts the discussion of the participants' speech by the faculty of teaching of the department of the BMD.


According to the results of the conference, a collection of scientific papers was published, "Increasing the efficiency of construction, road and hoisting-and-transport machines," Issue 4, in which 57 articles of young scientists and students of the department of BDM were published.