Chernikov Oleksandr (Alexander) Viktorovych

Head of the Engineering and Computer Graphics Department,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Honorary Professor in the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

Google Academy
Methodical Office

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Kharkiv State University, he began work at the Chair of Descriptive Geometry and Drawing of KhADI in September 1984.

From 1988 to 1991 he studied at the postgraduate study at one of the leading in the field of applied geometry of the departments of Ukraine at the Kiev Engineering and Construction Institute under the supervision of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. V.Ye. Mikhailenko. Defended a Ph.D. thesis dealing with the use of a PC for solving applied geometric problems, he returned to KhADI, where he continued to introduce computer graphics into the educational process and scientific researches of the department. In 2001-2004 he studied in doctoral studies. In 2008, he defended his doctoral dissertation and obtained a doctorate in technical sciences in the specialty "Applied Geometry, Engineering Graphics", in 2010 he was awarded the title of Professor.

Since 1986 O. Chernikov teaches the course of computer (machine) graphics. In 1992, he initiated a transition to teaching AutoCAD (this was the R10 version) on personal computers. He has developed a program of the course, offered the tasks that allow users (both students and teachers of special departments) to study most of the package's capabilities, organized and conducted advanced training courses for all university staff.

Under the guidance of O. Chernikov students study and deepen their skills in modern methods of designing and executing drawing with the AutoCAD-2016 package application, performing significant parts of course and diploma projects, developing special programs for finding reference information, accelerating the design process, automated execution of drawings of standard products, and other.

Since 2007 O. Chernikov introduces Autodesk Inventor solid-state parametric modeling into the educational process for students of engineering disciplines, which allows issuing project documentation, to create animation of the product's work and layout-disassembly schemes, and also to analyze the projected product for dynamic and static features by conducting virtual experiments for the study of product operating regimes, strength, aerodynamic and thermodynamic calculations.

The main direction of scientific and educational activity of Prof. O. Chernikov is the development of methods of geometric modeling of technology processes and geometric constructions, as well as research of training technologies in order to improve its structural elements and the introduction of new information technologies. Prof. O. Chernikov conducts classes on disciplines: descriptive geometry, engineering graphics, computer graphics, basics of ergonomics and design, the technological design of computer design, has international certificates of professional excellence in Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD and status of “Autodesk Education Expert”, was the winner of the open competition "Top-100 Autodesk technology leading teachers".

Professor O. Chernikov (together with associate professor О. Arkhipov) manages and supervises the research work of students. Many of the projects and thesis, prepared during the last years were awarded by diplomas of various degrees at city, all-Ukrainian and international Competitions and Olympiads, including in contests "Give the form of the future" conducted with the support of Autodesk.

Prof. O. Chernikov leads the advanced training in the field of modern design technologies for teachers of educational institution and industrial enterprises of the city.

In January 2013, on the base of the Department of ICG under the direction of Prof. O. Chernikov was organized the "Point of Presence" of Autodesk in the form of "Education Center". An agreement on the strategic partnership between the Auto-desk Corporation and the University on education area was signed with the aim to enhance collaboration and support from Autodesk.

He is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Applied Geometry (UAAG, since 2002), Autodesk Users Group International (AUGI, since 2008) and the Autodesk Educational Expert Network (AEEN, since 2014).

Prof. O. Chernikov – the author of more than 100 scientific papers (a list of major publications available at the Google Academy Resource ), including a number of textbooks. He participated in international scientific conferences on computer modeling, was a member of the editorial board of the scientific group "Geometric and Computer Modeling". Member of the Academic Council and the Head of the section of the Methodological Council of the University.

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