Teachers of the Department of Metrology and Industrial Safety provide teaching of the following discilplines:


Fundamentals of Metrology

Fundamentals of Qualimetry

Fundamentals of Standardization and Certification

Fundamentals of Nanometrology

Metrology, Engineering Measurements and Instruments

Physical Quantities and Measurements

Measuring Transducers

Digital Measuring Instruments

Dynamic Characteristic of Measuring Channels

Intelligent Measuring Instruments

Methods of Analysis and Synthesis for Measuring Signals

Theory of Electrical Signals and Circuits

Measuring Information Systems

Functional Devices of Measuring Information System

Fundamentals of Labour Protection

Labour Protection

Civil Defence

Civil Defence and Labour Protection

One of the greatest achievements of the Department of Metrology and Industrial Safety is the system of preparing the best students for participation in the All-Ukrainian Olympiads, All-Ukrainian competitions of student scientific works.