Specialties of the faculty

Specialty 035.10 Philology (Applied Linguistics) will be interesting for an applicant who eager to master communication in three foreign languages, creating linguistic information products for automatic processing of natural language, software development and testing, application of WEB-technologies and WEB-design, performing various activities in the field of transport management and logistics, etc.

Education in the specialties 121 Software Engineering and 122 Computer Science will be interesting for an applicant who seeks to master: creating websites, programming smartphones, designing computer networks, developing applications for Windows, developing applications for Android, data mining, full cycle of Web-development and much more with IT.

Education at the Department of Technologies of Metals and Materials Science will be interesting for an applicant who seeks to become a highly qualified engineer in specialty 132 Material Science. Particular attention in the learning process is paid to the technologies of the future, allowing the creation of new materials, including nanotechnologies.

Education on specialty 174 Automation and Computer-Integrated Technology  will be interesting to you if you want to make things work without human intervention, to learn how to program robots, have an interest in technical projects, modern software developments and innovative products.

Studying in the specialty 175 “Information and Measurement Technologies” will be of interest to applicants who wish to engage in information and measurement technologies, processing large data sets using artificial intelligence, creating virtual measuring devices, analyzing and researching information and measurement systems and complexes.

Education on the specialty 133 Industry Mechanical Engineering will be interesting for an applicant who seeks to master the engineering industry with the obligatory use of computer technologies, namely: to be able to create virtual models of machines, study their processes in virtual laboratories, design and modernize with the help of modern world famous software products for 3D graphics.

Latest news of the Mechanical Faculty

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